PM PrepCast Review

The Project Management PrepCast is one of the most well-known and best methods to prepare for the PMP exam and earn your required 35 contact hours in the process. Over 10,000 aspiring project managers have used Cornelius Fichtner’s training course to successfully study for and pass the PMP test to date. The following review will give you everything you need to know about the PM PrepCast to help you make an informed decision about whether this training product is suitable for you.

I started this website after spending some time searching for a good PMP exam prep course and and not finding one until I found out about the PM PrepCast. I had been looking for a good prep course which wouldn’t cost thousands of dollars and that would teach all that’s needed to know to be prepared for the PMP exam. After doing a lot of reading and checking out various user reviews of the product, I came to the conclusion that spending $179.99 to purchase Cornelius’s PM PrepCast podcast is without a doubt the best $179.99 any project manager can invest into their career.

Thousands have completed course (obtaining their 35 contact hours certificate in the process) and have been amazed to find out that they passed it on their first try. I know how it feels like to be overwhelmed with so many exam prep options, that’s why I started this site to share my own opinion on the PM PrepCast and hopefully convince you to invest in it yourself.

PM PrepCast Overview
The PM PrepCast is a dowloadable PMP exam prep course which intends to help prepare and teach you everything you’ll need to know before, during, and after the exam. Unlike other prep guides or training courses, the PM PrepCast doesn’t only focus on teaching you material you’ll need to know for the exam. Instead, Fichtner’s course takes you from A to Z and gives you a clear idea of what the PMP certification is, why you need it, how it can help you, who is eligible to get it, how to apply for it, how study for the PMP exam, and what you need to do in order to maintain your PMP status even after you’ve passed the exam and received the certification.

The course comes in the form of downloadable videos and audio files which you can download through iTunes to watch and listen to anywhere at any time. There is no time limit or download limit, so you’re free to watch the episodes as many times as you’d like, even months after you’ve purchased the course.

The PM PrepCast is based on the latest edition of the PMBOK Guide which means you’ll be up to date on all the things you’ll need to know for the exam. You may be purchasing the course simply because it’s an easy way to fulfill the 35 contact hours prerequisite, but you will amazed at how much you will learn from watching the videos and listening to the great interviews Cornelius has done with project management experts and Project Management Professionals who passed the PMP test on their first go.

What’s Included in the PM PrepCast?
Here’s is what you’ll get for the $179.99 you spend on the PM PrepCast:

1. Main course – the main PM PrepCast course consists of 35 hours of video which cover over 100 lessons (111 to be exact). These video lessons can be downloaded through the RSS feed link you’ll receive as soon as you complete your purchase. The best thing about this is that you can watch these episodes wherever you want like on your iPod or after work where you can just lie down and watch the video course while relaxing.

2. Audio interviews – There are two different types of bonus interviews you’ll be able to download. 11 interviews are with project management experts who discuss several important topics and key pieces of information you’ll need to know during the exam. Things like team building and communication planning are just two of the many topics these interviews cover.

The next type of interviews are the ones conducted with project managers who successfully passed the PMP exam on their first try. These interviews contain some great tips and advice on what you should do to prepare for the exam and how to do your best during the exam as well. You’ll find some fantastic time management tips, book recommendations, and other preparation wisdom in these interviews.

3. 300 sample questions – You will receive 300 sample PMP exam questions in total after you purchase the PM PrepCast. These questions will be available to you in 20 downloadable PDFs containing 15 questions each. (15 questions at the end of each module.) All the questions are very clear and easy to understand and come with the answers and explanations which should help clear out any problems you may encounter.

4. 35 contact hours – Because the publisher of the PM PrepCast, OSP International, is a Registered Education Provider, the 35 contacts hours certificated you earn from them are accredited by the Project Management Institute and will help you fulfill the needed criteria to apply for the PMP test. Before you receive your certificate you must first pass the online test (17 correct questions out of 25) which is available two weeks after you purchase the PM PrepCast. You can take this test as many times as you want, so don’t worry if you can’t pass it the first time.

5. Bonus “Learn From The Experts” email course – the bonus email course introduced you to several PMP Exam Experts who were all former students of the PM PrepCast. Over the course of 10 emails, you will learn the techniques these experts used to pass the exam. This email course will help you benefit from their experience and learn how you can follow their approach to maximize your success.

6. PMP exam study checklist – A very useful checklist which will make sure you haven’t forgotten anything for test day. This simple list is a great way to assure yourself that you are ready for the exam and to calm your nerves a few days before exam day.

7. Unconditional money back guarantee – Cornelius is so sure of his product that he is offering anybody that purchases his product the chance to get their money back if they are not satisfied. The moment I saw this guarantee any doubts I had of this product were immediately wiped clear. But after reading the user testimonials I can’t see how anybody wouldn’t be 100% satisfied with Cornelius’s excellent product.

8. Membership to the PM PrepCast forums – This bonus was probably my favorite. After buying the PM PrepCast you will be given access to the private forums which contain some great information and allow you to have a chance to learn from other project members experiences and even ask Cornelius some questions. The forums are also a great place to make connections with others and interact with other project managers, which will always come in useful.

Positive Points

- Easy to access: one of the biggest advantages to the PM PrepCast is that you can watch the videos anywhere at anytime as long as you have your iPod or other media device. You can also listen to the audio interviews on your way to work or while waiting for appointments or just whenever you want to lie down and relax. Unlike other training courses which may require you to leave work or stay up late attending classes, this course allows you to study whenever you’d like and allows you to move at a pace which makes you feel comfortable.

- Great price: I have no idea how Cornelius is able to offer so much material and bonuses for just $179.99. But for that great price, there is no arguing that this PMP exam prep product may be one of the most cost effective options available.

- No limits: Unlike other PMP prep course providers which impose download or time limits on how many times or when you can download your purchases, Cornelius gives you the chance to download the video episodes as many times as you want even weeks or months after your purchase.

- Professional and high quality content: All the videos and audio interviews are very professional and contain some very high quality information. The videos are basically PowerPoint slides with Cornelius’s voice playing over the video. The font used is very easy to read even on small screens and the effects used make the whole learning process a very entertaining experience.

- 35 Contact hours: the PM PrepCast is probably the cheapest and easiest way to get your required 35 contact hours. This course helps you fulfill a requirement while helping you prepare for the exam exceptionally well. A quick comparison with other PMP exam prep products will see that $179.99 is a a very reasonable price to get these 35 contact hours since many other training courses cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

- Fantastic bonuses: Bonuses like the exam checklist, 10 day email course, and audio interviews are just some of the great extras you’ll be getting in addition to the main 35 hour course. The audio bonuses alone are well worth the $179.99, especially the exam preparation tips available in the 4 interviews with the 4 PMP certificate holders.

Negative Points

- Slow download: Some users have reported that they have experienced slow download speeds when trying to download some of the videos and other material available on the site. That shouldn’t be a problem though since you will be able to resume your downloads where they left off in cast they disconnect.

- Not enough sample questions: 300 sample questions isn’t enough in my opinion for a full-blown PMP exam prep course. In my opinion each lesson should have more than 25 sample questions and answers after it to clear out any problems you may have. Although Cornelius mentions which types of questions you can expect on the lesson you just watched, he provides only a few (15) examples for you to try out. This negative point isn’t that big of a deal though since there are lots of PDFs and websites where you can get hundreds of sample PMP exam questions.

- Too many repetitions: For some people this may actually be a positive point since they learn easier the more they repeat things, but in my opinion I feel that some concepts and ideas don’t necessarily need to be repeated too many times.

To sum things up, I strongly believe that the PM PrepCast is by far one of the absolute best PMP prep courses available online. This product is definitely the easiest way to receive your 35 contact hours and prepare yourself along the way.

I can confidently say that this will probably be the best $179.99 you will ever invest into your career. I really wish you the best with your exam and preparation.

Go purchase your copy of the course right now!

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6 Responses to PM PrepCast Review

  1. brando says:

    Hi, just want to clarify regarding the online test that needs to be taken to get the certificate of completion for 35 contact hours. You said that it will be available in 2 weeks time after the purchase..does that mean i have to take it right away as well? kindly pls advise. Thanks.

  2. Catia Costa says:

    For how long will be the exam available? Just after 2 weeks or if i want 2 months?
    thank you

  3. Prachi says:


    Even I am have the same question as Catia. Am I forced to take this exam for 35 PDU within 2 weeks of purchase or I have the liberty to post pone it for a month ?


    • Administrator says:

      You can take the exam one month after you purchase the PM PrepCast, there is no time limit on it.

    • Adarsh says:

      Hi Prachi,

      May be you might have given your PMP by now or not sure about that. But wanted to correct about 35 PDU. It is not 35 PDU, infact it is 35 Contact Hours to ful-fill the PMP criteria while applying. PDU is to maintain your PMP after you are certified. You will need 60 PDU in 3 years to maitain your PMP certification or still be recognized as a Certified PM.


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